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Cinema for the ears

speak yourself.
professional speaker
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Music and ambience made to measure.


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 Time to tell your story 

Record your own audio book as a book author? Why not. And gladly  we also scout the right speaker for your project. A professional speaker is beyond all doubt and will leave a lasting impression on your listeners.

Recording room 3 was specially designed for speech. You will not find any disturbing resonances here!  

Speak your valuable project through highly modern microphones - or through ancient tube technology  one. The Klangschmiede has specially made Telefunken preamplifiers. No other preamp will make your voice sound so close and succinct.

If you like, you can finalize your project on the  tape machine  Let the Telefunken M15 go. This creates a nostalgic sound experience. The tape then plays back into the digital world and can be played on all streaming platforms such as Spotify, Audible and  iTunes  to be published. We're happy to help you with that too.

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